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How to Get Your Commercial Loan Closed

June 5th, 2017 2:09 PM by Karen Schimpf

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The Place to Go When the Banks Say NO! 
90+% of the loans we close were denied by a bank or lender before closing with us!  That is an astounding true statement.  We are out here getting money to good people, who the banks are saying no to.  And the beautiful thing is this, ALMOST ALWAYS, THEY ARE GETTING THE SAME or BETTER BANK RATES!
So how does that happen?  How can we do this?  The secret lies in 2 areas-expertise and choices.  When a deal comes to us I quickly preview it to ensure it truly is a fundable deal.  Some deals that get denied by banks really should get denied, they are just not strong enough in todays market.  But a GOOD portion, over 50% of them CAN get approved-they just need help.  I analyze it and look for the strengths and the weaknesses of the file.  I then CHOOSE THE RIGHT LENDER AND PROGRAM THAT MATCHES THE STRENGTH OF THE BORROWER TO THE BANK THAT LOOKS MOST FAVORABLY AT THAT STRENGTH.  Some banks really focus on collateral, some really focus on credit, some really focus on cash flow and I choose the right lending source based on the strengths of that borrower.  I then package it correctly and get it submitted in a timely fashion.  
The end result is more approvals and more closings.  In fact, the number of SBA loans we will close this year would have put us at #23 of the TOP 100 BANKS closing commercial loans.  And we are brokers, not a bank.  In other words, we close more commercial loans then 98% of the BANKS in the country!  Pretty astounding when you think about it.  And when you consider that all those closings were denied somewhere else before coming to us, you begin to realize just how much value we bring to the equation.  
If you or anyone you know is struggling to get a commercial or business only loan closed, PLEASE give me a call.  We respond quickly, have approvals out in 48 hours and can get that person the money they need.  Call 512-354-5949.  I look forward to helping make your dreams a reality!
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Posted by Karen Schimpf on June 5th, 2017 2:09 PM

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