We Close More Commercial Mortgage Refinance than Anyone!

Now may be the best time to refinance your commercial mortgage.

Why? There is another financial banking meltdown on the way. This time it is the commercial banks.

First, we have money to lend.  As an experienced commercial lender,  our underwriters underwrite looking for ways to get the deal done.  Now don't get me wrong, the deal has to be strong, but we are in an environment where underwriters are underwriting to why the deal should be turned down which is a different mind set from our underwriters.  Also, we issue you a Letter of Intent in writing within 10 business days. On top of that....We are Closing Deals!   I have been in the finance industry since 1989 and my team and I noticed many people did not understand what it takes to get commercial financing for their business.  We've seen many people's hopes and dreams dashed because they did not know how or what they needed to do to show they were viable for financing.

We Close More Commercial Mortgage Refinance than Anyone!  Give me a call today to discuss your deal at 866-400-8630 or 512-650-8630.

Many doable entrepreneurs have been turned down by the banks and have lost hope for their dream in this unfriendly lending environment.  Today , My team and I help entrepreneurs by presenting key solutions in what it takes to get the financing for their business and investment. 

We can perform a commercial lending review and help you refinance your business or commercial property while we still have a foot in the door.

We Close More Commercial Mortgage Refinance than Anyone!   Call TODAY at 866-400-8630!

Typical Financing: We have a wide range of funding options. The key difference between us and other lenders, we have money to lend and we are closing deals!

Alternative Financing: We have a wide range of products that if you have issues we can still get you money.  Below are some of the alternative financing we offer:


Asset-based loan make secured loans for purchases of equipment or inventory.


Factors buys unpaid invoices at a discount


Merchant Cash Advance pay up front for the right to collect a share of a retailer's future credit-card sales.

We Close More Commercial Mortgage Refinance than Anyone! .  Call Today at 866-400-8630 to receive your term sheet.


IRA and 401K loans allow financing without incurring tax penalties and access to low rates. 


Securities Loan allows investors to borrow against their securities portfolio to create liquidity while staying in the market and enjoy the benefits of twofold appreciable assets at once. 


We Are Aggressive, We We Close More Commercial Mortgage Refinance than Anyone!  Give Us a Call TODAY at 866-400-8630