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    FHA HUD Multifamily Loans 


    NEW!!!! Streamlined Refinance  FHA Multifamily Loan and Healthcare Properties that have Existing , HUD  Insured, Mortgage Loans. 

        -Rates in the 3's to 4's
        -What You Need to Submit for Steamlined Refinance:
    1. Personal Financial Statement
                 2. Provide 
    outstanding balance
                 3. Copy of note
                 4. Current Rent Roll
                 5. Year to Date and Last 3 years of Current Financials
                 6. Provide "REAC" score (HUD Inspection Score)

    Construction or Rehab
     90% LTR for values of $3 Million and above.  This program also has a great FIXED rate.  The loan is fixed for 40 years and is amortized for 40 years.  The program is a no recourse loan and is assumable.

    83.3% LTV for values of $3Million and above.  The FIXED rate in 3's to 4's.   Not only is the loan fixed for 35 years but it is also amortized over 35 years.

         92.5% Combined loan to value from seller carry second.



    What does this means for you?  Since we can adjust to the market we are able to get your loan closed and funded!  Don't miss out!

    We Close More Commercial Apartment Loans than Anyone! .  Call Today at 512-354-5949.




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