Apartment Loan Closed in 6 Days!

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$7.6 Million Apartment Loan Closed in Just 6 Days! 

If you want a loan closed, we are the ONE STOP SHOP.
Location: Atlanta GA


Type: Apartment Rehab project.


This was a private money loan with some construction money included. The owner had a note coming due and no extensions allowed. If he did not pay off the existing mortgage by February 28th, the lender was going to sell the note to someone who would likely try to foreclose and take the property. The property was the iconic Peach Building in Atlanta and the borrower had begun renovating it to class A apartments. With a parking deck, and right in the heart of Atlanta at where Midtown and Buckhead meet, this property was going to be a home run. But two different lenders passed on the deal due to partner and title issues and the borrower was under the gun.


Being a private money lender ourselves, we have great relationships with other private money lenders and I called in a favor, and got a term sheet out ASAP. The borrower signed and engaged on Wednesday, Feb 20th and immediately site visits were scheduled and we got to work. It closed and funded on Thursday, Feb 28th, just in time, and just 6 business days after signing the term sheet. We did not even order an appraisal. When you need speed, we are the place to go! The loan paid off the first mortgage lender, and gave money to keep the construction going and clear up title. It was a lot of work to close that quickly, but the job got done.


Even though we are a private money lender ourselves, this loan was too large for our fund. We do loans from $2 Million all the way down to $250,000 but we have plenty of lender partners that will go to $100 Million or more. Because we are lenders ourselves, our relationship is different than the typical broker and we are able to close with more certainty. I underwrite all deals before we get out terms and quite simply we get loans closed that other people can not, often with the same or better rates!  Almost EVERY loan we close got denied by someone else first, we truly are the place to go when others say not.

IF you or someone you know has a situation that is tricky or needs certainty of execution, we are the one call that gets it done. I will pre-qualify you over the phone, and help guide you or someone you know to a successful closing with NO RISK. Give me a call TODAY! Give me a CALL TODAY  at 512-650-8630 or  get started by completing the form.


Karen Schimpf
karenschimpf at gmail.com
Give me a CALL TODAY  at 512-650-8630 or 512-354-4949 or   get started by completing the form.






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