Limited Time – Fixed Rate SBA 7A Loans Are Here!!!!

cc: by:   When the banks say no…we say yes!   Fixed Rate SBA 7A Loans for a limited time.  Commercial Capital is offering a 25 year fixed-for-life SBA 7(a) loan starting at 7.50% for Owner-occupied Commercial Real Estate transactions. Applications must be submitted between now and July 31, 2019 and fund by September… [Read More]

Did Your SBA Loan Get Denied?

cc: by: Did Your SBA Loan Get Denied For Real Estate or Business Only? If you are going to start a business, expand your business, or buy the commercial building you are renting, you can apply at your local bank for an SBA 7A loan. If they deny you, which is a 50/50 chance… [Read More]

Great Commercial Loan Rate and Fast Closing!

cc: by:   Deal of the Week! $4,525,000 Retail Shopping Plaza Purchase-Quick Close and Great Commercial Loan Rate!   Location: Atlanta, GA The call came in frantic-Karen , WE HAVE A CRISIS. It was from one of my favorite Real Estate Companies in GA. Borrower had been with a bank who promised them 80% LTV… [Read More]

Commercial Construction Lending

 cc: by:   Commercial Construction Lending is Hot! Hot! Hot!   A LOT of Commercial Construction Lending money is available for construction projects. We have some incredible niches including the following HOT products: money is available for construction projects. We have some incredible niches including the following HOT products:   -NON RECOURSE First mortgage… [Read More]

Expanded Commercial Bridge Loan

cc: by:   Expanded Commercial Bridge Loan Coverage….   We have expanded the coverage of what our private money can do, growing our platform above $2 Million up to $20 Million! This is a direct lender platform, we can close off our balance sheet (quickly) with an in-house credit committee in as little as two… [Read More]


cc: by:   ALT-CMBS Loans!     You may have heard of our Alt-A loan, the loan that is more flexible than conventional but MUCH better than private money. Well now, we have an Alt CMBS loans.  This loan, typically less than ¼% higher than a typical CMBS loan, offers the following MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS…….. [Read More]

30 Year Fixed Commercial Loans

  cc: by: 30 Year Fixed Commercial Alternative Loans ARE Available….   Yes, we have 30 year fixed commercial loans for multi-family deals above $1 Million…with great rates! WE ALSO HAVE 30 YEAR FIXED for the other main commercial types-retail, office, light industrial, mobile home parks,etc. No special use properties like hotels or gas… [Read More]

Apartment Loan Closed in 6 Days!

 cc: by: $7.6 Million Apartment Loan Closed in Just 6 Days!  If you want a loan closed, we are the ONE STOP SHOP. Location: Atlanta GA   Type: Apartment Rehab project.   This was a private money loan with some construction money included. The owner had a note coming due and no extensions allowed. If… [Read More]

What are Commercial Alt-A Loans?

cc:by:   You may have heard of Alternative Lending loans or Commercial Alt-A loans and wondered, what are those? Alt-A loans are loans that just miss the bank type of financing but are too good to be thrown into private money. It is a fast growing and rapidly expanding part of the commercial mortgage… [Read More]

The Place to Go For SBA Loans – Period!!!!

cc: by:   We have long been known as the place to go when the banks say… “no”. With our NEW LOWERED RATES-WE ARE THE PLACE TO GO FOR SBA LOANS-PERIOD! Real estate based 7A loans now have rates as low as Prime +1.00% AND WE CHARGE NO BROKER POINTS! Combined with our fully… [Read More]