Construction Loan Closed in 2 1/2 Weeks

cc: by: Deal of the Week! $2.4 Million Horizontal Construction Loan-Residential Subdivision Location: Idaho Type – Borrower was a solid builder that had the financing in place to build the homes, (“vertical”), but needed money to run the pipes, sewer, etc. out to the property (“horizontal”). He started with his own funds, but was short… [Read More]

Tired of Your SBA Loan 7(a) Variable Rate Adjusting?

cc: by: The Federal Reserve has been steadily raising rates over the last year and a half moving the prime rate up 1.75% in that time. This has effected all prime based borrowing like SBA Loan 7(a) and business lines of credit,etc. Small businesses have seen the brunt of the increase. For example, 2 years ago I… [Read More]

What is Commercial Special Use Property?

Abandoned GM auto dealership on Broadway in Downtown Oakland What is sa commercial Special Use Property?? Special use property is an income-producing property that is designed for specific use. These type of properties do not fit into typical categories for financing. In general, many banks will not even look at these building types because they present unusual circumstances that make it difficult to… [Read More]

What is Closing in Commercial Financing?

cc by:   What’s Closing Now! Here is a look at some recent commercial financing closings within the last 30 days.  I like to post these every month or two to just give you a feel for some of the things that are happening in Commercial.  The investor marketplace is particularly hot right now-it… [Read More]

Deal of the Week-FAST Business CASH!!

at cc: by: DEAL OF THE WEEK-FAST BUSINESS CASH!!   Even successful businesses seem to need cash right now. The reasons can be many, expansion, cash management, or unique opportunities, but good businesses often need quick cash. This week’s deal is a loan we closed last week. It was a fast line of credit… [Read More]

Get your Commercial Equity Loan Here!

 cc: by: For Commercial Properties, 5+ unit, mixed-use, apartments, warehouse, office etc. What is a Commercial Equity Loan? Equity is money that is coming to the closing table that is NOT debt, but an investment in the deal by someone looking for a return of a mutually agreed upon amount. Equity is often the… [Read More]

No Risk Private Money Lender!

cc: by:    No Risk Private Money Lender!   Probably the number one complaint of private money lenders is the upfront app fees, specifically, the fact that they are non-refundable and if you don’t get approved you lose the money. Tens of thousands of people have lost app fees on deals that they did not… [Read More]

No Tax Returns – No Problem!!

  by// There is a lot of money available right now. When there is more money available than good deals to fund, lenders move further out the risk spectrum. Such is the case now as stated income commercial loans have come back and are continuing to expand with new players entering the space. For investors and… [Read More]