Colorado Small Business Loans

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Entrepreneurs are getting Colorado small business loans. Money is flowing back in the market but did you know that the big banks only approve 17% of applications. So it is not good enough to just have a decent loan, you have to convince the lender to choose your loan over the other 4 deals on their desk. As an experienced commercial lender and commercial loan broker, we put your deal with a lending source most likely to close your investment property loan.

When a lender gets a deal from me and my team, they know it has been underwritten, they know it is a good deal, and they know that the client is not going elsewhere so they look at my deal first.

We stop rejection by offering options.

1.SBA 7(a) Loans

This is SBA’s primary and most flexible of the SBA Loan programs. The program is designed for startup and existing small businesses, which is designed to help small businesses that have no alternative funding. To be eligible a company must be a small business as defined by the SBA and meet all requirements.

2.SBA 504 Loans

If you are purchasing commercial real estate for your business and are planning on occupying 50% or more of the space, than this is an option for you. SBA 504 allows a smaller down payment for the borrower which allows more reserve for cash flow. Usually the interest rate is competitive for the SBA portion of the loan, which is fixed for the entire life of the loan.

Unlike most lenders, we Issue a Term Sheet in Writing within 10 Business Days.

3.IRA Loans

You can tap the money in most 401Ks and IRAs without incurring tax penalties. It is easy for initial approval just submit your statements. You can access up to 95% of you 401k or IRA. The process takes less than 60 days.

4.Securities Loans

A Securities Loan allows the shareholder to borrow against their securities portfolio to readily convert into cash while staying in the market and have a twofold benefit. You can borrow up to 80% or more of value of your security. The minimum amount is $100,000 with no maximum loan amount. Funding on this program is within 10 to 14 days.

Entrepreneurs will need to stay agile during this time and be wise when it comes to finding extra funds for their businesses needs.

Commercial Capital LTD Difference

Karen Schimpf of Commercial Capital Ltd. has been in the lending industry since 1989. As a Commercial Finance Brokers expert, Karen Schimpf specializes in providing commercial loan information to businesses that allows them to be informed on how to be the best investment choice to a lender. She and her team close commercial loans throughout the US from $250,000 – $100,000,000 plus.

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