Franchise Loans

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When Banks Say No, Come to Us to Get Your Deal Closed.

Commercial Capital Ltd is focused on the needs and challenges of the franchise loans. With extensive industry expertise, we can offer financial support to multi-unit franchisers needing:

  • Specialize in Franchise Restaurant Loans
  • Quick Serve Restaurant Franchise Loans with 1 to 10 operating stores can go up to 90% LTV
  • Lease hold improvement loans.
  • Lend Nationwide
  • The full range of Traditional SBA Loans and Non Traditional SBA Loans.
  • Fixed Rates on real estate loans and variable rate term loans on business only loans.
  • Equipment financing options.
  • Acquisition financing.
  • Refinance financing.

I worked for Chase Manhattan, Wells Fargo and a small bank called Southwest Securities as a business development officer specializing in SBA loans.  Many of my loans come from banks that have turned down the franchise borrower.  I BRING MONEY FROM AROUND THE COUNTRY TO LOCAL MARKETPLACES INSURING THE MOST LIKELIHOOD OF CLOSING. The key is placing the borrower with the lender that most suits that borrower’s strengths. I do it better than anyone!


It is about getting creative and thinking outside of the box to get a deal closed

If you own stocks, we have a program that can leverage your stock with our stock leverage line which allows you to borrow up to 80% of the value of your stocks based on the quality of your stock. Our programs beat the stock brokerage houses!  These are NOT margin loans, they are better. Fixed rates BELOW 5% and NO margin calls. IF you are not wanting to go the SBA route, this loan is fast and the cheapest line of credit for your business with rates sometimes as low as 2%! These loans get same day approvals and close in around 14 business days.

Call Commercial Capital LTD today at (512) 650-8630 or 512-354-5949. You may also click here to fill out the form to get started today.