What you should do if you have a commercial seller note?

If you and the seller agree on the rate and terms, I suggest you utilize a note company to track your note payments, taxes and insurance.  Running your note payments through a note company will do two things for you.  First, you will have proof via the note company that you made your payments on time for… [Read More]

What’s Closing at Commercial Capital Limited?

cc: by: //flic.kr/p/oQZQF4 What’s Closing at Commercial Capital Limited? Here is a look at some recent closings within the last 3 weeks. I like to post these every month or two to just give you a feel for some of the things that are happening in Commercial. The business and commercial lending marketplace is particularly hot… [Read More]

Do You Need to Close Your Commercial Loan by Year End?

   cc: by: //flic.kr/p/URfMfX The End of the Year Cometh- and That Very Soon!   Believe it or not, the end of the year is upon us.  Most banks have already switched to just focusing on closing the loans that are in their pipeline.  Many banks have already issued their deadline dates-dates by which loans… [Read More]

Construction Loans Close in 45 Days!!!

First mortgage Bridge debt for Hotels and Assisted Living Facilities to 75% Loan To Cost! Loan amounts on the product range from $7 Million to $35 Million. Closings in under 45 days. Single digit rates! 3 years with interest only payments. This product is perfect for deals that need quick execution and high LTV. If… [Read More]


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