Limited Time – Fixed Rate SBA 7A Loans Are Here!!!!

cc: by:   When the banks say no…we say yes!   Fixed Rate SBA 7A Loans for a limited time.  Commercial Capital is offering a 25 year fixed-for-life SBA 7(a) loan starting at 7.50% for Owner-occupied Commercial Real Estate transactions. Applications must be submitted between now and July 31, 2019 and fund by September… [Read More]

Did Your SBA Loan Get Denied?

cc: by: Did Your SBA Loan Get Denied For Real Estate or Business Only? If you are going to start a business, expand your business, or buy the commercial building you are renting, you can apply at your local bank for an SBA 7A loan. If they deny you, which is a 50/50 chance… [Read More]

Great Commercial Loan Rate and Fast Closing!

cc: by:   Deal of the Week! $4,525,000 Retail Shopping Plaza Purchase-Quick Close and Great Commercial Loan Rate!   Location: Atlanta, GA The call came in frantic-Karen , WE HAVE A CRISIS. It was from one of my favorite Real Estate Companies in GA. Borrower had been with a bank who promised them 80% LTV… [Read More]

Expanded Commercial Bridge Loan

cc: by:   Expanded Commercial Bridge Loan Coverage….   We have expanded the coverage of what our private money can do, growing our platform above $2 Million up to $20 Million! This is a direct lender platform, we can close off our balance sheet (quickly) with an in-house credit committee in as little as two… [Read More]


cc: by:   ALT-CMBS Loans!     You may have heard of our Alt-A loan, the loan that is more flexible than conventional but MUCH better than private money. Well now, we have an Alt CMBS loans.  This loan, typically less than ¼% higher than a typical CMBS loan, offers the following MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS…….. [Read More]

30 Year Fixed Commercial Loans

  cc: by: 30 Year Fixed Commercial Alternative Loans ARE Available….   Yes, we have 30 year fixed commercial loans for multi-family deals above $1 Million…with great rates! WE ALSO HAVE 30 YEAR FIXED for the other main commercial types-retail, office, light industrial, mobile home parks,etc. No special use properties like hotels or gas… [Read More]

Apartment Loan Closed in 6 Days!

 cc: by: $7.6 Million Apartment Loan Closed in Just 6 Days!  If you want a loan closed, we are the ONE STOP SHOP. Location: Atlanta GA   Type: Apartment Rehab project.   This was a private money loan with some construction money included. The owner had a note coming due and no extensions allowed. If… [Read More]

What are Commercial Alt-A Loans?

cc:by:   You may have heard of Alternative Lending loans or Commercial Alt-A loans and wondered, what are those? Alt-A loans are loans that just miss the bank type of financing but are too good to be thrown into private money. It is a fast growing and rapidly expanding part of the commercial mortgage… [Read More]

The Place to Go For SBA Loans – Period!!!!

cc: by:   We have long been known as the place to go when the banks say… “no”. With our NEW LOWERED RATES-WE ARE THE PLACE TO GO FOR SBA LOANS-PERIOD! Real estate based 7A loans now have rates as low as Prime +1.00% AND WE CHARGE NO BROKER POINTS! Combined with our fully… [Read More]

Typical Terms for Apartment Loans


Apartment loans products are very different from residential. Loan amount, occupancy rate, debt service, the break down of units, city and state, population, the quality of the property, if you live in the same state as the property, your experience, your credit and credit scores, how much you have in liquid assets for down payment,… [Read More]