Construction Loan Closed in 2 1/2 Weeks

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Deal of the Week!

$2.4 Million Horizontal Construction Loan-Residential Subdivision
Location: Idaho
Type – Borrower was a solid builder that had the financing in place to build the homes, (“vertical”), but needed money to run the pipes, sewer, etc. out to the property (“horizontal”). He started with his own funds, but was short about $1.8 Million. He owed contractors and, work was half done. If he did not get the funding quickly, the whole project could get off track as winter in Idaho is tough to lay pipe, etc. He heard of me and first reached out to me around October 8th. I requested the necessary docs and had them all by the 10th. I had him approved by the 12th – just 2 days in. He signed by the 15th and we had closing docs out by the 31st just 2 ½ weeks from start to finish! HUGE! He got his money last week-fast!
ABOUT 60% of my pipeline has some sort of construction component. WE KNOW CONSTRUCTION LOANS and can help make your vision a reality. Out biggest value we bring to the marketplace on these construction loans are EXECUTION and SPEED. We help get these deals funded and funded quickly. If you or anyone you know has need of construction financing, whether Ground Up, Tenant Improvement or Rehab…. we are the one stop source. Once I get the necessary docs you will get a quick answer and we NEVER TAKE A NON-REFUNDABLE APP FEE. That’s right, it costs NOTHING to get a pre-approval in writing and you risk ABSOLUTELY nothing giving us a call. Give me a CALL TODAY at 512-650-8630 or get started by filling out this form.Quick answers and quick closings are just a phone call away. Call today!
Karen Schimpf
Commercial Capital, Ltd.
O: 512-650-8630

THERE ARE ONLY FIVE (5) WEEKS LEFT IN THE YEAR! Hard to believe-right? But in commercial, you basically lose the week of Thanksgiving and the last 2 weeks of December as lenders are backed up, vacations are taken and very little work gets done. YOU HAVE 5 MORE WORKING WEEKS when banks will be at full steam. If you do not already have approval, you will struggle to close your loan by year end.  We have our OWN PRIVATE MONEY available, and if you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY need to close this year, keep us in mind. I am the underwriter, and my brother is credit committee. We move FAST and we have a lot of money to deploy. We can go from $250,000 up to $2 Million or more for the right deal. If you have a small balance deal that needs quick, private money-give me a call at 512-650-8630 or get started by filling out this form..  I’ll underwrite it quickly and can usually have terms in 72 hours.  Commercial Capital, when it absolutely, positively has to close this year!

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