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Even successful businesses seem to need cash right now. The reasons can be many, expansion, cash management, or unique opportunities, but good businesses often need quick cash. This week’s deal is a loan we closed last week. It was a fast line of credit closing for a dentist who had the unique opportunity to secure a territory and the rights to put his unique dental office in 27 states. THE LOAN CLOSED IN 7 DAYS FROM TIME HE APPLIED TO CLOSING. He needed the money quick. We got it for him and at a great rate, 8.5% UNSECURED. By explaining this deal a little deeper, I think you can get some insights into just what we are able to do here at Commercial Capital.


$500,000 Fast UNSECURED loan for Business Expansion!


Location: Nationwide


Give me a CALL TODAY  at 512-650-8630

CLOSED IN 1 WEEK WITH AN UNSECURED RATE OF JUST 8.5%! (Rates on this program go from the 5’s to 9’s). Other programs we offer can go as low as 3.99%. Credit score, sales and profits determine the rate you will get.  These loans have the SAME 1 WEEK CLOSE TIME FROM APPLICATION TO FUNDING.  The payments are MONTHLY and the amortization can be up to 5 years. NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTIES. They are great loans. Much better than ACH type transactions. It costs NOTHING to apply, no application fees. This particular loan rolled like this….
My friend called up with a client who had an opportunity to secure a territory for a deal with Walmart…a huge opportunity. I gathered the basic docs and sent them in for underwriting. The deal was accepted and the application went to the client with a few conditions like copies of his drivers license. He sent back the application and the documents. We got commitment 2 days later and the money was wired into his account 3 days after that. One (1) week from application to closing. What he will be using the money for will ultimately make him millions. There is no fee or cost, just call me today. I will pre-screen the deal and give you a needs list. Just get me the info in. I will get it submitted. Assuming they accept it, you will get an application and you will be one (1) week from getting the money….EASY.
Karen Schimpf
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Give me a CALL TODAY  at 512-650-8630

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