Foreign National Loans

Foreign National Loans


When Banks Say No, Come to Us to Get Your Deal Closed.

Scenario Example

This deal was for a foreign national, a Canadian Citizen. She was buying an apartment complex in Charlotte, NC for $2.1 million. Now we can typically get 75% financing for foreign nationals on apartment complexes in major metros for loan amounts above $1 million, so the deal would have been viable but, this one had an extra curve ball….there was no historical income figures.

The seller had only bought the property in March from an old man who never tracked anything. There was no data prior to March of this year. The only info we had was from April to the present-less than 6 months of data. So we had a foreign national with no historical info. A VERY tough deal to get done. Most people were only interested at 50% LTV. However, I found an Alt-A lending source that would go to 65% and then I sold them so hard on the deal, on the quality of the asset and the borrower, that I got them to go to 70% LTV. That was enough to get the deal done but, that was not the end of the fun. An inspection revealed significant repairs needed to be done and the lender wanted an engineering report to determine how much work needed to be done by when so they could require an escrow. This was going to delay the closing and the seller was going to walk. It turned out, I knew the seller from years ago and he knew that I knew my stuff. We were able to keep the deal alive but he would only extend it another 30 days. Plenty of time-right?

Well, the report came back showing $200K in repairs necessary to be done. This was more than the borrowers had available at the time. They had another property free and clear but, they needed to get cash. They needed it in less than two weeks because if the loan did not close, they would lose the deal and their $80,000 earnest money. Enter our private money fund. We got the commitment and funded on a cash out foreign national deal in 2 weeks on their other property! The loan closed on the last day and the borrower got a great property in a great location. This was truly a deal that would not have gotten funded at any other establishment. Listen, the borrower was great and the property was great but sometimes that is not enough, you need a great funding source that can handle the last minute challenges that can and often do come up on commercial loans. WE ARE THAT SOURCE!



  • Up to 75% Loan to Value
  • Minimum loan amount $350,000

Investment Properties

  • Office, Retail, Industrial, and Self Storage
  • Up to 70% Loan to Value
  • Minimum Loan amount $500,000

*Subject to Change

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