What is Closing in Commercial Loans?

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What’s Closing Now!
Here is a look at some recent closings within the last 30 days.  I like to post these every month or two to just give you a feel for some of the things that are happening in Commercial.  The investor marketplace is particularly hot right now-it is a very active market for apartment, industrial and retail buildings.  Two (2) of our closings in the last 30 days were investor deals.  Often, these deals have some hair on them that causes other banks to struggle but we have the resources to get it done for you.  We also had some franchise closings and some private money closings.  The market is HOT and cranking on all cylinders.  If you need a loan closed, if actually getting the money is the most important thing to you…give me a call!  I will screen the deal and pre-underwrite it for FREE.  We are the only no-risk option in commercial.  Give me a call today at 512-650-8630.  Now on to some, but not all, of our recent closings……


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$1,936,000 Purchase of 5 Duplexes on One Deed

Ft Worth, TX
This was an investor purchase that closed just last Friday.  The borrower could not get approval from Freddie or FNMA for the deal and being on one deed kept it from anything residential. HE TRIED A LOCAL BANK FIRST, got DENIED, and came to us desperate.  We found a balance sheet lender to do his loan at 70% and with good rates and we closed in time to save the deal.   FROM THE TIME THE CLIENT SIGNED THE INITIAL LOI TO CLOSING WAS 30 DAYS and with CONVENTIONAL RATES!

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Franchise Start Up Closings!

Virginia and California
Firehouse Subs Franchise loan and this was the borrowers FIRST location.  We do a ton of franchise financing including first location, expansion for their second store and beyond and even debt consolidation loans.  Franchises we have worked with run the gamut from Firehouse Subs to Jimmy John’s to Papa John’s and Subways to Ace Hardware, Jiffy Lube, Minute Maid and so much more.  Almost always, they get denied somewhere else and then come to us for financing.


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Private Money Closings With OUR OWN FUNDS!

One of these was for a golf course-our second golf course deal of the year.  We will do ANY type of property as long as it is commercial, and the deal makes sense.  The other one was a small loan against a property for a borrower to move her restaurant and expand the space.  No bank wanted to take the risk since the restaurant was NOT a franchise and the borrower had credit challenges but we got it done and soon she will be opening up and selling her fried chicken.  We will allow cash out for ANY reason as long as we have an exit strategy on the loan.  Give us a call today!  These are just some of the recent closings.   If you or anyone else you know needs commercial or business financing, give me a call, we can get it done!  


Karen Schimpf
Commercial Capital, Ltd.
p: 512-650-8630


 P.S. 504 Refinance Program is HOT.  Current SBA loans can NOT be refinanced on this program.  The debt must be non-government debt.  Any business that owns the building it is in has an opportunity to refinance that debt with LONG TERM FIXED RATES in the 4’s AND pull CASH OUT at the LOWEST PAYMENTS POSSIBLE.  It is a GREAT opportunity.   IF YOUR CURRENT BANK IS SAYING NO OR WORSE, TAKING FOREVER TO DECIDE, GIVE ME A CALL TODAY.  I will have you quick answers and you’ll be on your way to a closing-just call Karen Schimpf at 512-650-8630.  Give me a call today!


Give me a call today to discuss your deal at 512-650-8630
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